Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Startup 101

I've gotten to know the entire startup thing two weeks ago. So here are some "Startup Resources" which could be very helpful for all who are new to that topic.


Eric Ries - The Lean Startup
Steve Blank - The Startup Owner's Manual
Alexander Oserwalder - Business Model Generation
Alexander Bell - Mobile & Cloud Computing (free eBook as PDF)

Online Lectures

How to Build a Startup

Conference Talks

Mark Suster's speech at NYU Stern
Eric Ries interview at NYU Stern
Steve Blank's speech at NYU Stern
Eric Ries speech at Google about "The Lean Startup"
Ben Silbermann's (Pinterest) speech at Startup School 2012




Rocket Internet
Project A Ventures

Startup Weekends

3 Day Startup (at WHU Vallendar and RWTH Aachen)
Startup Weekend (Munich)

Feel free to add some other resources, I'll do it as well from time to time.