Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Use Subversive and Putty together on Windows

1. Download Eclipse Ganymede
2. Download Putty
3. Extract Putty
Extract the under C:\Apps\putty\ for instance.
4. Install Subversive (Subversion Plugin) and SVN Connectors
Open Eclipse and select "Help"->"Software Updates..."
Click on "Available Software" Tab
You need these two update sites:
Subversive Plugin:
SVN Connectors:
So add these two sites by clicking on "Add Site..." Button (two times)
Afterwards you see in your "Available Software" Panel the new two sites.
Expand the "Subversive Site" and select the following plugins:
Subversive SVN Team Provider Plugin
Now expand the "Subversive SVN Connectors Site" and select the following plugins:
Subversive SVN Connectors
After these steps click the "Install..." Button
If the installation is finished you have to restart Eclipse.
5. Configure PLINK
Add a new environment variable
Value: C:\\Apps\\putty\\plink.exe -ssh -2 -A -l mySvnUser
You have to adjust the svn user.
Now start the PAGEANT and select your Private Key
6. Configure SVN Connectors
In Eclipse go to "Window"->"Preferences"
Select the "Team"->"SVN"
Select the "SVN Connector" Tab
Set the Option "SVN Connector" to "Native JavaHL (svn:1.6.0 (r36650) jni:0.9.0)"
Click the "Apply" Button
7. Add a new Repository Location
Go to "Window"->"Open Perspective"->"Other..." and select "SVN Repository Exploring"
Switch to the SVN Repository Perspective and click the Button "New Repository Location"
Now enter your SVN Repository (for example: svn+ssh://
Click the "Finish" Button.

There's one harm: Everytime when you use the Subversive Plugin via PLINK a DOS Prompt is opened by Windows :-(